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Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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Bible study - 7:00 pm, followed by worship

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Please note that this website is no longer our current website.   For all of our recent sermons and classes, please visit our active site, bcschurchofChrist.com  All of our old and new sermons and classes, can be found there

BCS church of Christ sermons

Audio files of sermons available are listed below.  When you click on the link of the lesson, it will take you to a new page to download the MP3 file. Click on the green "download" button to access the file.   If you experience any issues downloading one of our lessons, please let us know at bcschurchofchrist@aol.com.

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Date                                       Preacher                           Sermon Subject  

Sunday AM 01.01.17          John Hall                     Remembering the Year Behind and Pressing Forward to the Year Ahead

Sunday PM 01.01.17          John Hall                     David & Goliath:  Facing our Giants with God on our Side

Sunday AM 01.08.17          John Hall                     Getting to the Root of Sin

Sunday PM 01.08.17          John Hall                     Willful Simplicity

Sunday AM 01.15.17         Jason Rollo                   The Fellowship of the Gospel

Sunday PM 01.15.17         Wade Webster               No Discipline, No Church

Sunday AM 01.22.17         John Hall                     Getting to the Root of Sin:  The Lust of the Flesh

Sunday PM 01.22.17         John Hall                      How God Answers Prayer

Sunday AM 01.29.17         John Hall                     Getting to the Root of Sin:  The Lust of the Eyes

Sunday PM 01.29.17         Wade Webster               "I Believe In Jesus"

Sunday AM 02.05.17         John Hall                      Getting to the Root of Sin:  Our Motivation to Get Sin Out of Our Life

Sunday PM 02.05.17         John Hall                      Taking Opportunities We're Given

Sunday AM 02.12.17         John Hall                      The Power of the Words of God

Sunday PM 02.12.17         John Hall                      Defining A "Pharisee"

Sunday AM 02.19.17         Wade Webster               How the People of God Worship Him

Sunday PM 02.19.17      Jason Rollo                   The Power of One   (due to technical issues, this lesson could not be recorded)

Sunday AM 02.26.17        John Hall                      Is Christ in Me?

Sunday PM 02.26.17        John Hall                      The Righteous Judgment of God

Sunday AM 03.05.17        John Hall                      Two Perspectives of The Same Thing

Sunday PM 03.05.17        John Hall                      Things I Should Not Trust

BCS Spring Gospel Meeting 2017  (Link to Tullstar page)

Sunday PM 03.19.17        Jason Rollo                   Time of Death   (Due to technical issues, this lesson could not be recorded)

Sunday AM 03.26.17        John Hall                      Can I Make God's Word Vain?

Sunday PM 03.26.17        John Hall                      Generations Within the Church: Introduction

Sunday AM 04.02.17        John Hall                      Characteristics of Jehovah: Introduction

Sunday PM 04.02.17        John Hall                      Generations Within the Church: The Gaining of Souls

Sunday AM 04.09.17        John Hall                      Characteristics of Jehovah: Foreknowledge

Sunday PM 04.09.17        John Hall                      Generations Within the Church: The Growing of Souls 

                                                                        (Due to technical issues, this lesson could not be recorded)

Sunday AM 04.16.17       Wade Webster                Oh, What A Difference A Few Nails Can Make

Sunday PM 04.16.17       Jason Rollo                    The Characteristics of the Teaching of Jesus

Sunday AM 04.23.17       John Hall                      The Foreknowledge of God: Preparing Us For False Teaching

Sunday PM 04.23.17       John Hall                      Generations Within the Church:  Worship 

Sunday AM 04.30.17       John Hall                      Questions from the Book of Job About Being Found Guiltless

Sunday PM 04.30.17       Regis Parks                    Avoiding All Appearance of Evil

Sunday AM 05.07.17       John Hall                      Hebrews 11 - Part 1

Sunday PM 05.07.17       John Hall                      Hebrews 11 - Part 2

Sunday AM 05.14.17       John Hall                      In What Ways Was Jesus the Best Christ?

Sunday PM 05.14.17       John Hall                      Using Non-Biblical Language to Describe Biblical Concepts

Sunday AM 05.21.17       Wade Webster                Lessons We Can Learn from a Cell Phone

Sunday PM 05.21.17       Jason Rollo                    Psalm 23

Sunday AM 05.28.17       John Hall                      The True Nature of Sin

Sunday PM 05.28.17       John Hall                      The Value of the Law & the Prophets:  The Attributes of God

Sunday AM 06.04.17       John Hall                      The Good News of the Church that Paul Preached    (Unfortunately, this lesson was not recorded)

Sunday PM 06.04.17       John Hall                      The Value of the Law & the Prophets:  The Nature of Man

Sunday AM 06.11.17       John Hall                      

Sunday PM 06.11.17        John Hall                     The Value of the Law & the Prophets:   Tactics of the Devil

Sunday AM 06.18.17      Jason Rollo                    Can I Be Just a New Testament Christian Only?

Sunday PM 06.18.17        John Hall                      The Value of the Law & the Prophets:   Leading Us to Christ

Sunday AM 06.25.17        John Hall

Sunday PM 06.25.17        John Hall

Sunday AM 07.02.17        John Hall 

Sunday PM 07.02.17      Wade Webster                 What a Godly Marriage Looks Like

Sunday AM 07.09.17       Jason Rollo

Sunday PM 07.09.17       Jason Rollo                   Is There Direct Revelation Today?

Sunday AM 07.16.17     Wade Webster

Sunday PM 07.16.17     Wade Webster                Three Kinds of Modesty

Sunday AM 07.23.17        John Hall

Sunday PM 07.23.17        John Hall 

Sunday AM 07.30.17        John Hall                     Messianic Prophecies in the Book of Jeremiah

Sunday PM 07.30.17        Question and Answer Night              

Sunday AM 08.06.17        John Hall                     Evil Corruptions Corrupt Good Morals

Sunday PM 08.06.17        John Hall

Sunday AM 08.13.17        John Hall                     Sharper Than A Two-Edged Sword

Sunday PM 08.13.17        John Hall                     Man's Weakness Perfects God's Strength   (Unfortunately, this audio file is not available)

Sunday AM 08.20.17        John Hall                     Faith:  Being Fully Persuaded

Sunday PM 08.20.17        John Hall                     "To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice"

Sunday AM 08.27.17       John Hall                      Becoming a Christian:  What Must I Do to Become a Priest?

Sunday PM 08.27.17        John Hall                     By Water and the Blood

Sunday AM 09.03.17        John Hall                     Becoming a Christian:  What Must I Do to Become a Child of God

Sunday PM 09.03.17        John Hall                     Biblical Majors:  Kinesiology  (Unfortunately, this audio file is not available)

Sunday AM 09.10.17        John Hall                     The Abomination of Sin that Separates Us from God

Sunday PM 09.10.17        John Hall                     Biblical Majors:  Business, Marketing, Economics   (Unfortunately, this audio file is not available)

Sunday AM 09.17.17        Omari French               Justification

Sunday PM 09.17.17        Charles Heberth

Sunday AM 09.24.17        Wade Webster             The Book of Job

Sunday PM 09.24.17        Wade Webster

Sunday AM 10.01.17        Jason Rollo

Sunday PM 10.01.17          John Hall                   Biblical Majors:  The Sciences

Sunday AM 10.08.17          John Hall                   Moses Striking the Rock

Sunday PM 10.08.17          John Hall                   Biblical Majors: Medical Fields

Sunday AM 10.15.17          John Hall                   The Father's Role in Accomplishing the Gospel

Sunday PM 10.15.17          John Hall                   

Sunday AM 10.22.17          John Hall                   The Holy Spirit's Role in Accomplishing the Gospel

Sunday PM 10.22.17          John Hall                    Eight Things the Lost CAN Do 

Sunday AM 10.29.17          Jim Deerman              Salvation In a Seatbelt

Sunday PM 10.29.17           Question and Answer Night

Sunday AM 11.05.17           John Hall                   Christ Suffering and Dying "Without Cause"

Sunday PM 11.05.17           John Hall                   The Inspiration of the New Testament

Sunday AM 11.12.17           Wade Webster           The Authority of the Scriptures 

Sunday PM 11.12.17           John Hall                   Christ is the Theme of the Book

Sunday AM 11.19.17           John Hall                   The Sin of Denominationalism

Sunday PM 11.19.17           Wade Webster            True Worship

Sunday AM 11.26.17           John Hall                   Signs of Falling Away

Sunday PM 11.26.17           Wade Webster            Putting the Devil at a Disadvantage

Sunday AM 12.03.17           John Hall                   Why Do We Assemble?

Sunday PM 12.03.17           Wade Webster            Salt and Light

Sunday AM 12.10.17           Wade Webster            Building a Godly Home: Lessons from the Eagles

Sunday PM 12.10.17           John Hall                    Temptation    (Unfortunately, this audio file does not work)

Sunday AM 12.17.17           John Hall                    Hebrews:  "Let Us" is IMPERATIVE

Sunday PM 12.17.17           Wade Webster             Joshua 7:  One Man's Sin

Sunday AM 12.24.17           John Hall                    The Gospel

Sunday PM 12.24.17           John Hall                    The Result of the Gospel

Sunday AM 12.31.17           Wade Webster             Turning the Page in Light of a New Year

Sunday PM 12.31.17           Question & Answer Night

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