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Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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BCS Church of Christ

11914 State Highway 30

College Station, TX 77845 Map

Phone #: (979) 774-7470 E-Mail Us


Morning Bible Study - 9:30 am

Morning Worship - 10:30 am

Evening Worship - 6:00 pm


Bible study - 7:00 pm, followed by worship

Our Elders

Darryl McDonald   (979) 676-0142

Dinc McDonald   (214) 923-1120

Jason Rollo   (254) 715-4640

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Please note that this website is no longer our current website.   For all of our recent sermons and classes, please visit our active site, bcschurchofChrist.com  All of our old and new sermons and classes, can be found there

BCS church of Christ sermons

Audio files of sermons available are listed below.  When you click on the link of the lesson, it will take you to a new page to download the MP3 file. Click on the green "download" button to access the file.   If you experience any issues downloading one of our lessons, please let us know at bcschurchofchrist@aol.com.

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Date                                       Preacher                           Sermon Subject  

Sunday AM 01.05.14                John Hall                           "Come, Let us Reason Together"

Sunday PM 01.05.14                John Hall                           The Mercy of God

Sunday AM 01.12.14                John Hall                           Emotional Responses

Sunday PM 01.12.14                John Hall                           The Importance of Edification

Sunday AM 01.19.14                John Hall                           God is Not a Respector of Persons

Sunday PM 01.19.14                Barry Hatcher                    Three Paths: Demas, Manasseh, Daniel

Sunday AM 01.26.14                John Hall                           How to have a Faithful Future 

Sunday PM 01.26.14                John Hall                           Gifts

Sunday AM 02.02.14                John Hall                           Changing our Tastes

Sunday PM 02.02.14                John Hall                           The Word of God and Repentance

Sunday AM 02.09.14                John Hall                           Companionship: Lessons from Peter

Sunday PM 02.09.14                John Hall                           "A Time to be Silent"

Sunday AM 02.16.14                John Hall                           The Sheepfold of God

Sunday PM 02.16.14                John Hall                           The Need for Shepherds

Sunday AM 02.23.14                John Hall                           How is Christ in Me?

Sunday PM 02.23.14                Ryan Smithey                   Taking the Gospel       

Sunday AM 03.02.14                John Hall                           The Pride of Life

Sunday PM 03.02.14                John Hall                           Why Did Paul Have to Go to Rome?

Sunday AM 03.09.14                John Hall                           James, the Brother of Jesus

Sunday PM 03.09.14                John Hall                           Older Christians Teaching the Younger Ones

Sunday AM 03.16.14                John Hall                           Biblical Unity

Sunday PM 03.16.14                John Hall                           Traits Godly Leaders Possess

Sunday AM 03.23.14                John Hall                           Noah, Preacher of Righteousness

Sunday PM 03.23.14                John Hall                           Love Covers a Multitude of Sins

Sunday AM 03.30.14                Charles Heberth                Despising God          

Sunday PM 03.30.14                Charles Heberth                Living a Christian Example  

Sunday AM 04.06.14                John Hall                           Eph 1-3:  All Spiritual Blessings Are Found in Christ

Sunday PM 04.06.14                John Hall                           Man's World vs. God's World

Sunday AM 04.13.14                John Hall                           Why will there be a Judgment Day?

Sunday PM 04.13.14                John Hall                           What will we be Judged for on the Judgment Day?

Sunday AM 04.20.14                John Hall                           Relationship of Individual Christians to the Church

Sunday PM 04.20.14                John Hall                           Discerning Signs

Sunday AM 04.27.14                John Hall                           John 11: Giving Our Life for Jesus

Sunday PM 04.27.14                John Hall                           John 11: Personalities in Scripture

Sunday AM 05.04.14                John Hall                           The Christian's Reasonable Service

Sunday PM 05.04.14                John Hall                           Spiritual Bodies vs. Terrestrial Bodies

Sunday AM 05.11.14                John Hall                           Tearing Down the High Places

Sunday PM 05.11.14                John Hall                           Sinning Against God 

Sunday AM 05.18.14                John Hall                           Eisegesis 

Sunday PM 05.18.14                John Hall                           Series on Acts 2: Part 1 

Sunday AM 05.25.14                John Hall                           "How Do These Nations Serve Their Gods" (Deut. 12:30)

Sunday PM 05.25.14                John Hall                           Series on Acts 2: Part 2 

Sunday AM 06.01.14                John Hall                           The Love of God

Sunday PM 06.01.14                John Hall                           Series on Acts 2: Part 3

Sunday AM 06.08.14                Jason Rollo                       Taking A Penknife to the Word of God

Sunday PM 06.08.14                John Hall                           Series on Acts 2: Part 4

Sunday AM 06.15.14                John Hall                           "Lay Aside all Malice"

Sunday PM 06.15.14                John Hall                           Series on Acts 2: Part 5

Sunday AM 06.22.14                John Hall                           Lessons from Jonah: How God is Near Us

Sunday PM 06.22.14                John Hall                           Series on Acts 2: Part 6

Sunday AM 06.29.14                John Hall                           Lessons from Paul's last letter to Timothy

Sunday PM 06.29.14                John Hall                           Lessons from the Book of Esther

Sunday AM 07.06.14                John Hall                           Identifiers of Christ's Church  (Mt. 16)

Sunday PM 07.06.14                John Hall                           Relationship of Prayer to God's Providence

Sunday AM 07.13.14                John Hall                           Denying Self                           

Sunday PM 07.13.14                John Hall                           Feeling Shame

Sunday AM 07.20.14                John Hall                           "Be Not Weary in Well Doing"

Sunday PM 07.20.14                John Hall                           The Armour of God: Loins Girt with Truth

Sunday AM 07.27.14                John Hall                           Deceivers vs. the Perfect Judge

Sunday PM 07.27.14                John Hall                           The Armour of God: Breastplate of Righteousness

Sunday AM 08.03.14                John Hall                           Redemption

Sunday PM 08.03.14                John Hall                           The Armour of God: Feet Shod With the Gospel of Peace

Sunday AM 08.10.14                John Hall                           The Revelation of God

Sunday PM 08.10.14                John Hall                           The Armour of God: Shield of Faith

Sunday AM 08.17.14                Jason Rollo                       "Your Latter End"  (Deut 32:29)

Sunday PM 08.17.14                Jeff Rollo                           Lessons from Colossians

Sunday AM 08.24.14                John Hall                           Lessons from Nehemiah, Part 1

Sunday PM 08.24.14                John Hall                           The Armour of God: Helmet of Salvation

Sunday AM 08.31.14                John Hall                           Lessons from Nehemiah, Part 2

Sunday PM 08.31.14                John Hall                           Praising God in Song

Sunday AM 09.07.14                John Hall                           Lessons from Nehemiah, Part 3

Sunday PM 09.07.14                John Hall                           The Armour of God: Sword of the Spirit

Sunday AM 09.14.14                John Hall                           God controls time

Sunday PM 09.14.14                John Hall                           Some Things Are Better Old

Sunday AM 09.21.14                John Hall                           Giving to God

Sunday PM 09.21.14                John Hall                           Being First to Love, to Forgive, to Admit Fault

Sunday AM 09.28.14                Jason Rollo                        Denominationalism and What the Bible Says

Sunday PM 09.28.14                Jason Rollo                        The Book of Jude

Sunday AM 10.05.14                John Hall                           "By the which he condemned the world" (Heb 11:7)

Sunday PM 10.05.14                John Hall                           Excuses People Have For Not Obeying God

Sunday AM 10.12.14                John Hall                           Being a Friend of God

Sunday PM 10.12.14                John Hall                           The Tongue

Sunday AM 10.19.14                Jason Rollo                        Modesty

Sunday PM 10.19.14                Jason Rollo                        1 Peter 2

Sunday AM 10.26.14                John Hall                           Can't Separate the King from the Kingdom

Sunday PM 10.26.14                John Hall                           The Unity of God's Messages

Sunday AM 11.02.14                John Hall                           Ways the World Pressures Christians

Sunday PM 11.02.14                John Hall                           The Tower of Babel

Sunday AM 11.09.14                John Hall                           Things I want to hear God say to me  (Recording Error)

Sunday PM 11.09.14                John Hall                           Letters to the Thessalonians, Part 1

Gospel Meeting 11.16.14          Rick Popejoy                      "One God"

Gospel Meeting 11.16.14          Terry Jackson                    "One Lord"  

Gospel Meeting 11.16.14          Tom Moore                        "One Spirit"

Gospel Meeting 11.16.14          Jeff Rollo                            "One Body" 

Gospel Meeting 11.17.14          Brant Stubblefield               "One Faith"

Gospel Meeting 11.18.14          Mike Bonner                       "One Baptism"

Gospel Meeting 11.19.14          Michael Light                      "One Hope"

Sunday AM 11.23.14                John Hall                             The Knowledge of Sin

Sunday PM 11.23.14                John Hall                             Letters to the Thessalonians, Part 2

Sunday AM 11.30.14                John Hall                             Jesus Revealed What God Has Always Been

Sunday AM 12.07.14                John Hall                             Achieving Godliness

Sunday PM 12.07.14                John Hall                             Proving vs. Convincing

Sunday AM 12.14.14                John Hall                             The Wisdom of Man and the Wisdom of God

Sunday PM 12.14.14                John Hall                             Importance of Audience in the New Testament

Sunday AM 12.21.14                John Hall                             Reminding Ourselves of True Gain

Sunday PM 12.21.14                John Hall                             Which of the Prophets Did Your Fathers Not Persecute?

Sunday AM 12.28.14                John Hall                             The Privilege of Prayer

Sunday PM 12.28.14                John Hall                             The Church: The Kingdom of God on Earth

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