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Sunday, September 22, 2019
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BCS Church of Christ

11914 State Highway 30

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Morning Bible Study - 9:30 am

Morning Worship - 10:30 am

Evening Worship - 6:00 pm


Bible study - 7:00 pm, followed by worship

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Darryl McDonald   (979) 676-0142

Dinc McDonald   (214) 923-1120

Jason Rollo   (254) 715-4640

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Please note that this website is no longer our current website.   For all of our recent sermons and classes, please visit our active site, bcschurchofChrist.com  All of our old and new sermons and classes, can be found there

2013 Sermons

Please find below all the available sermons for 2013. When you click on the link of the lesson, it will take you to a new page to download the MP3 file. Click on the green "download" button to access the file.

 If you experience any problems with the download process, please let us know at info@bcschurchofchrist.com.

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Date                                       Preacher                           Sermon Subject   

Sunday AM 01.06.13               John Hall                            Science Falsely So Called

Sunday PM 01.06.13               John Hall                            Series on Servanthood: Moses

Sunday AM 01.13.13               John Hall                            What is Present in the Assembly of the Saints

Sunday PM 01.13.13               John Hall                            Series on Servanthood: David

Sunday AM 01.20.13               John Hall                            What Every Member Supplies

Sunday PM 01.20.13               John Hall                            Series on Servanthood: Paul

Sunday AM 01.27.13               John Hall                            Christ's Miracles on Earth Prove He is the Creator

Sunday PM 01.27.13               John Hall                            Series on Servanthood: Stephen

Sunday AM 02.03.13               John Hall                            Personal Faith

Sunday PM 02.03.13               John Hall                            Series on Servanthood: Conclusion

Sunday AM 02.10.13               John Hall                            God's Will vs. Man's Will

Sunday PM 02.10.13               John Hall                            What Our Father Has Endured

Sunday AM 02.17.13               John Hall                            False Teachers Want People To Be Ignorant

Sunday PM 02.17.13               John Hall                            Claiming to be a Christian Despite the Evidence

Sunday AM 02.24.13               John Hall                            Inspiration of Scripture: Audience & Penmen

Sunday PM 02.24.13               John Hall                            In the World, But not of the World

Sunday AM 03.03.13               John Hall                            Accusations Brought Against God, Part 1

Sunday PM 03.03.13               John Hall                            Accusations Brought Against God, Part 2

Sunday AM 03.10.13               John Hall                            Accusations Brought Against God, Part 3

Sunday PM 03.10.13               John Hall                            Accusations Brought Against God, Part 4

Sunday AM 03.17.13               John Hall                            Salvation is a Gift of God

Sunday PM 03.17.13               John Hall                            Gift of the Holy Ghost

Sunday AM 03.24.13               Barry Hatcher                     Personal Growth

Sunday PM 03.24.13               John Hall                            Fellowservants of Paul: Intro

Sunday AM 03.31.13               John Hall                            Series on Parables: Introduction

Sunday PM 03.31.13               John Hall                            Emotion in Songs (Singing Night)

Sunday AM 04.07.13               John Hall                            Series on Parables: Matthew 9

Sunday PM 04.07.13               John Hall                            Fellowservants of Paul: Tychichus

Sunday AM 04.14.13               John Hall                            Parables of Christ: Mark 4

Sunday PM 04.14.13               John Hall                            Fellowservants of Paul: Andronicus and Junia

Sunday AM 04.21.13               John Hall                            Parables of Christ: Luke 18

Sunday PM 04.21.13               John Hall                            Fellowservants of Paul: Phebe

Sunday AM 04.28.13               John Hall                            Parables of Christ: Luke 15

Sunday PM 04.28.13               John Hall                            Fellowservants of Christ: Epaphroditus

Sunday AM 05.05.13               John Hall                            Keeping God's Definitions

Sunday PM 05.05.13               John Hall                            Making Choices of True Value

Sunday AM 05.12.13               John Hall                            Millennialism: A Cunningly Devised Fable

Sunday PM 05.12.13               John Garza                            

Sunday AM 05.19.13               John Hall                            Calvinism: A Cunningly Devised Fable

Sunday PM 05.19.13               John Hall                            The Preaching of the Kingdom

Sunday AM 05.26.13               John Hall                            Concept of Time in the New Testament

Sunday PM 05.26.13               John Hall                            He That Knoweth to Do Good and Doeth it Not

Sunday AM 06.02.13               John Hall                            Out of the Ivory Palaces

Sunday PM 06.02.13               John Hall                            How Do I Control My Thoughts?

Sunday AM 06.09.13               John Hall                            How the Spoken Word Travels

Sunday PM 06.09.13               John Hall                            The Autonomy of the Church

Sunday AM 06.16.13               John Hall                            Cutting Sin Off at the Root

Sunday PM 06.16.13               John Hall                            God's Purpose in Punishment

Sunday AM 06.23.13               John Hall                           

Sunday PM 06.23.13               John Hall                           

Sunday AM 06.30.13               John Hall                           

Sunday PM 06.30.13               John Hall                           

Sunday AM 07.07.13               John Hall                            Why was Jesus called the Son of God?

Sunday PM 07.07.13               John Hall                            We Can Know

Sunday AM 07.14.13               Chris Jagge   

Sunday PM 07.14.13               Jacob Massey      

Sunday AM 07.21.13               Jason Rollo                        Due to recording error, this audio file is unavailable.

Sunday PM 07.21.13               Jason Rollo                        

Sunday AM 07.28.13               John Hall                           Things That Do Not Change

Sunday PM 07.28.13               John Hall                                 

Sunday AM 08.04.13               Jason Rollo                        David & Goliath

Sunday PM 08.04.13               Peter Masih                       The Touch of the Master's Hand

Sunday AM 08.11.13               Richard Massey                

Sunday PM 08.11.13               Richard Massey                         

Sunday AM 08.18.13               John Hall                           

Sunday PM 08.18.13               John Hall                           

Sunday AM 08.25.13               John Hall                           

Sunday PM 08.25.13               John Hall                           

Sunday AM 09.01.13               John Hall                           True Religion 

Sunday PM 09.01.13               John Hall                           

Sunday AM 09.08.13               John Hall                           Righteousness and the Kingdom of God 

Sunday PM 09.08.13               John Hall                           

Sunday AM 09.15.13               Jason Rollo                        There's a Great Day Coming

Sunday PM 09.15.13               Mike Conner                       One Baptism

Sunday AM 09.22.13               John Hall                            How did the demons recognize Christ?

Sunday PM 09.22.13               John Hall                            Roles of Wives

Sunday AM 09.29.13               John Hall                            Small But Important:  "IF"

Sunday PM 09.29.13               John Hall                            Songs that Remind Us of God

Sunday AM 10.06.13               John Hall                            Small But Important:  "ON"

Sunday PM 10.06.13               John Hall                            From where does a Christian get strength?

Sunday AM 10.13.13               John Hall                            Small But Important:  "BY"

Sunday PM 10.13.13               John Hall                            What should we wear to worship God?

Sunday AM 10.20.13               John Hall                            Small But Important:  "IN"

Sunday PM 10.20.13               Johnny Robertson              Encouragement to the Backbone of the Congregation

Sunday AM 10.27.13               John Hall                            Small But Important:  "AND"

Sunday PM 10.27.13               John Hall                            Obedience

Sunday AM 11.03.13               John Hall                            Small But Important:  "DO"

Sunday PM 11.03.13               James Oldfield                   Evangelism and the Work in North Carolina

Sunday AM 11.10.13               John Hall                            Sorrow:  Phil 3:13

Sunday PM 11.10.13               John Hall                            Is Fund-Raising Acceptable for the Church?

Sunday AM 11.17.13               John Hall                            The House of God

Sunday PM 11.17.13               John Hall                            Departure from and Return to Scriptural Marriage

Sunday AM 11.24.13               John Hall                            The Judgment of God

Sunday PM 11.24.13               John Hall                            Departure from and Return to Scriptural Music

Sunday AM 12.01.13               John Hall                            Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Sunday PM 12.01.13               John Hall                            Qualifications of Elders

Sunday AM 12.08.13               John Hall                           

Sunday PM 12.08.13               John Hall                           

Sunday AM 12.15.13               John Hall                            Reasons Why Jesus Came When He Did

Sunday PM 12.15.13               John Hall                            God Protects His People  (We Boast in God)

Sunday AM 12.22.13               John Hall                            Salvation in the Old Testament vs. the New Testament

Sunday PM 12.22.13               John Hall                            "Non-Denominational"

Sunday AM 12.29.13               John Hall                            Our Days Are Numbered

Sunday PM 12.29.13               John Hall                            God Protects His Own

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