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Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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BCS Church of Christ

11914 State Highway 30

College Station, TX 77845 Map

Phone #: (979) 774-7470 E-Mail Us


Morning Bible Study - 9:30 am

Morning Worship - 10:30 am

Evening Worship - 6:00 pm


Bible study - 7:00 pm, followed by worship

Our Elders

Darryl McDonald   (979) 676-0142

Dinc McDonald   (214) 923-1120

Jason Rollo   (254) 715-4640

Please Note

Please note that this website is no longer our current website.   For all of our recent sermons and classes, please visit our active site, bcschurchofChrist.com  All of our old and new sermons and classes, can be found there

Sermon Archive 2009 - Bryan/College Station church of Christ

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Date          Time                  Speaker                   Topic

01.04.09    Sunday AM          Daniel Horn              Works: Part I

01.04.09    Sunday PM          Daniel Horn              Works: Part II - Credibility

01.21.09    Wednesday PM    Miles Moudy             Your Life as a Movie Rating

01.25.09    Sunday PM          Daniel Horn              Spiritual Equality

01.28.09    Wednesday PM    Ben Mengers            Being Proud of our Christianity

02.01.09    Sunday AM          Ted Horn                  Explaining God's Grace

02.01.09    Sunday PM          Ted Horn                  How Christians Deal with Adversity

02.04.09    Wednesday PM    Daniel Horn              Idolatry

02.08.09    Sunday PM          Daniel Horn              Spiritual Unity

02.11.09    Wednesday PM    Britt Spivey               Apt to Teach

02.15.09    Sunday AM          Ted Horn                  The Whole Armor of God

02.15.09    Sunday PM          Ted Horn                  Redefining Scriptural Terms

02.18.09    Wednesday PM    Morgan Moudy          Humility through Service

02.25.09    Wednesday PM    Ben Mengers            Being Prepared

03.08.09    Sunday AM          Ted Horn                  Being Spiritually Minded

03.08.09    Sunday PM          Ted Horn                  Avoiding Compromise

03.11.09    Wednesday PM    Chris Jagge               Using Your Spiritual Mind

03.15.09    Sunday PM          Daniel Horn               Spiritual Allegiance

03.18.09    Wednesday PM    Daniel Horn               Moses's Question in Exodus 5

03.29.09    Sunday AM          Ted Horn                   Fundamentals to Keep Us from Falling

03.29.09    Sunday PM          Ted Horn                   The Importance of the Church

06.21.09    Sunday AM          Ted Horn

06.21.09    Sunday PM          Ted Horn

07.01.09    Wednesday PM    Chris Jagge                1 Samuel 15

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